Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm fascinated by tattoos. I don't have any ink myself, being the kind of guy on whom a tattoo would probably come off as a desperate cry for attention, but I am endlessly entertained by the kinds of things that people choose to tattoo on themselves. This, in and of itself, is probably something which doesn't belong on the blog of a prestigious literary journal like ours.

But wait!

I have a tie-in: Contrariwise. This is one of my favorite blogs; it's a photo blog dedicated to pictures of tattoos people have gotten because of books. The author likes to go on hiatuses from updating, one of which she is currently on, but there is a good archive of tattoos inspired by or taken from famous works of literature. Some of the tats are from stuff like Twilight or Harry Potter, but a surprising number are really very literary. Anyway, if you're perusing the internet for something fun to do, you could do worse than Contrariwise, whice I'm hoping will resume posting sometime soon.

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